Monday, November 12, 2012

Well, that didn't take long.

Instead of mourning the mothballing of this blog... I just decided to create a new one. C'mon over to Stuff J Writes.

Sunday, November 04, 2012

Well, that about does it for now.

When I started writing this in the fall of 2004...
  • I'd just started grad school, after having taught for four years.
  • I owned a car that I lovingly nicknamed "the Deathcar," because I didn't know if it'd die on me on the 401 (and it nearly did).
  • Barack Obama was a (secretly Muslim) state senator in Illinois.
  • Amy Winehouse had just released her first album and was two years away from being a breakout star.
  • The Detroit Tigers were awful; the year before they'd come within one loss of tying the record for most losses in a season.
  • Facebook was only open to university students, and not at every school.
  • Twitter wasn't yet a thing.
  • Current grade 9 students were entering grade 1.
  • I was banging your mom.
  • (Still am.)
I'd kept a journal on and off for the previous seven years, and still kept a private one sporadically in the early days of this blog until I realized that I pretty much got out everything I needed to say right here. And so it continued, for a little more than eight years.

I'm sad to have to say it, but... Facebook ruined this. Once upon a time, if I had something to say, I'd sit down, think up a good topic, and take ten or twenty or sixty minutes to write something here. (Mind you, being a grad student in a joke of a program, I had that sort of time at-hand fairly often.)

These days, let's say I come across a funny quote or have an interesting photo to share or Mayor Fat Fuck does something stupid. Where do I spread the word? You guessed it: Zuckerbergland.

If I have something I need to work out in a longer form, I'll put it up here. That's why I'm not saying I'm ending this blog... but that is why I'm saying this is going to change to be a more intermittent thing. I occasionally look back to 2004 or 2005, see how often I posted — at least three or four times a week, often more — and wonder how I ever managed to put out that much material. And hey, in the future, I might revert to that. But not now.

So, check back here from time to time. Bookmark the thing, and when the late great movie on City-TV isn't so great, take a minute to pop in and see what's going on.

Take 'er easy, folks.