Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Oh, hi there.

It's been a while, I know.

And yes, I'll get these pangs of guilt now and again... Should I fire up the blog and write? But, as you can see, it's been tough overcoming inertia lately.

Here's the thing. If my life was more exciting, I'd probably let you know a hell of a lot about it. These days, I go to work, hang out with the kiddies (and have fun, definitely), come on home, usually catch part of a baseball game, go to bed way too late, and do it again the next day. Weekends find me hanging out with pals, doing family stuff, or occasionally helping to win co-ed rec-league slo-pitch playoff games. (And yes, we won our division, in an exciting extra-inning game.)

That's just what the working life is like, y'know.

Remember, once upon a time, when Friday nights were for gettin' out there, chasin' tail, hoistin' a few drinks and staying out until the crazy hours?

Gotta level with you... to me, these days, an ideal Friday night finds me in bed by 11.

Is this what life's about? Can I expect another couple of decades of this, roughly speaking? (Plus, if all goes well, a wife, kids, home ownership, and all that jazz.) I guess the key to life is reveling in the everyday and appreciating the routine.

Anyway... I guess that's that for now. Although, I do have a bit of South Scarberian to teach you.

bare (adj.) almost entirely, primarily, overwhelmingly
— example: "I went to the mall, and it was bare emo-kids."

'bout that life (?) into that, interested in that, participated in that
— example: "Hey, did you know Alice played volleyball?"
                   "Really? I didn't know she was 'bout that life."

And a couple of funny exchanges with a kid, J, who's in my Grade 10 class...

Me: "So, when you combine these two elements like this, what's the name of the compound you get?"
J: "Oh... hmm... well, is the name 'sodium fluoride' or some shit like that?"
Me: "Well... yes. Yes, it is. Nice work."

(J walks in about 15 minutes late for his first-period class)
Me: "So, why were you late?"
J: "I slept in."
Me: "I see... when did you go to bed last night?" (expecting "Oh, 1 in the morning, I was playing video games")
J: "Eight o'clock last night."
Me: (bewildered) "Is this a normal thing for you?"
J: "Nah. I was high last night at 8, and I just decided to go to bed."

Despite these unorthodox exchanges — or, perhaps, because of them — I kinda like this kid.