Tuesday, July 10, 2012


So I'm watching the annual snoozefest that is the Major League Baseball all-star game, and because it's an American national suck-and-fuck, they trot out "God Bless America".

That may be the song I hate the most on planet Earth.

. . .

Yes, I'd rather listen to Eminem rap. I'd rather listen to Inuit throat-singing (which is actually pretty interesting). I would rather listen to the recent hit song by the North Korean dictator's — er, Supreme Leader — rumoured mistress, a married pop star who climed the DPRK charts with this little toe-tapper entitled "Excellent Horse-Like Lady".

I assume something got lost in the translation; it's probably high praise in that language/society to say someone works like a horse, or has the disposition of a horse, or something along those lines.

Still makes for a pretty funny and easy joke, though — which is exactly what we specialize in, around here.

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