Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I've said it before and I'll say it again.

I think I'm going to stop chasing women for a while.

Am I really this bad at first-dates? Go out for drink, engage in long, interesting conversation which zips along nicely, get her laughing, make witty references to things, and...

(           )

...yup, that's about what I get in response. Not even crickets chirping. Just... zero.

"Their loss," a friend tells me. Thank you, friend, for trying to boost my ego. (Incidentally, also, thank you, friend, for shooting me down as well, years ago.)

God. Seriously, ladies. Seriously. Don't lead a man on, on a date,* with smiles and laughter and welcoming body language for over two hours and then disappear. Totally not cool.
* The reason I include this disclaimer is, in the past, I've been engaged in really awesome, fun conversations with women while not technically on a date, and they drop the ol' boyfriend-reference in there, and we've covered that ground already in the good pages of this blog years ago.


thea said...

So the first two hours of the date went well, and then she just shut down? Is this a thing that women do on dates?

JTL said...

Not at all. We spent about two hours together in total, all of it spent in sparkling conversation. We part ways and say good night. I emailed her the next day to follow up on a couple of things we talked about, and... zero.

thea said...

I would offer some insight, but I'm sure you know more about women than I do. Don't give up.

JTL said...

Oh, I doubt that I do. I really doubt it.