Monday, March 05, 2012

Here are five albums I'm digging right now.

In no particular order...

Dire Straits — Communiqué (1979)
Their second album sounds a lot like their first, which is just fine by me. It's laid back but finds nice grooves. A couple of the songs drag a little, but then they pick right back up and you're moving again.
Current pick: "Single-Handed Sailor"

Steve Winwood — Steve Winwood (1977)
Yes, some of the keyboards sound pretty dated... but if you can get past that, this is really quite a solid album. This was before Arc of a Diver, and definitely before his '80s schlock-pop days... thankfully.
Current pick: "Midland Maniac" (a live version, but a decent guitarist, I think)

Blitzen Trapper — Destroyer of the Void (2010)
See? I like new music too... but for the Trappers, this one hits me a little more squarely than their current LP, American Goldwing (but that's a solid album too). A little twang, a lotta guitars, and copious fun.
Current pick: "Sadie" (a live-in-the-studio version which sticks fairly close to the original)

Kula Shaker — Peasants, Pigs & Astronauts (1999)
They only really had one hit single in North America, "Tattva", from their debut album, K. The Indian stuff gets a little kitschy at times, but you can't deny this is a pretty solid record.
Current pick: "Great Hosannah"

The Bees — Sunshine Hit Me (2002)
Every album they release is different in its own way (like Sloan). What keeps drawing me back to this one is its simplicity and earthiness; after all, it was recorded in a shed, mostly by two guys.
Current pick: "Sunshine", but that's not streamable anywhere, so we'll go with "Lying In The Snow"

So, there we go. A little sampling of the musical part of the mind of J, in early March, 2012. Enjoy! (Or not.)


thea said...

I picked up a hitchhiker today who insisted that we listen to his demo.

Then I came home and listened to these -by far, the best new music I've heard all day. I had never heard of Kula Shaker and I really like that song. Thanks for posting this, JTL.

JTL said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the Kula Shaker, but am mildly disturbed that you casually pick up hitchhikers.

(Except if that's me jabbing a thumb out there at the sky, of course.)