Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hello from Florida.

Early on Monday morning — we're talking 5:30 here — I was crossing the parking lot at the hotel on the outskirts of Flint, Michigan that I stayed in, before flying out to Florida, wondering what the hell I was doing going all that way when I clearly didn't need a jacket even in the north.

And from all reports, it appears as if things have become even warmer in Ontario in the days since then; the current 7-day forecast from Environment Canada has no days under 14°C for the forseeable future. Which is weird.

What isn't weird, though, is being down in central Florida this time of year and have temperatures scraping the upper-20s. Which they are.

This year I juggled my flights such that I arrived on Monday morning, and am leaving Thursday night (that's tomorrow). Four fairly-full days, with three nights... I'm not sure, but this could be my shortest Florida trip yet. It honestly feels like I just got here, and could use another couple of days soaking it all in.

Yesterday I drove out to the Gulf coast (and south a bit) and hung out with a co-worker; she brought her daughter and her daughter's friend, I imagine to keep them out of trouble back in Toronto. We hung out on the beach and went for a nice dinner afterward, wherein I had a very turquoise drink. It was lovely.

Monday and today were spent at the ballpark, nerding-out on baseball. Both the games (a.) were against the Mets, (b.) were in Lakeland, and (c.) went to an extra inning, the first one ending in a tie and the second ending in a Tiger victory. (They don't go past the 10th; it doesn't really matter if they win or lose, so long as they look at their potential players, especially the pitchers.) Tomorrow's game is against the Orioles, again in Lakeland; Justin Verlander (swoon!) is starting for the Good Guys.

Oh, and today I met Tigers GM Dave Dombrowski. Wheee! Nice fellow.

Hot Lakeland restaurant tip: Red Door Wine Market. The restaurant itself is tiny; the largest dining area (and the only part with proper tables, as far as I could see) was out on a lawn. Two different stouts on tap; both were delicious. And former-blogger ECB would've been solidly impressed with two separate walls of wine bottles. It's an extremely easy place to miss, because it doesn't look like a restaurant at all... but, just look for the red door at Tennessee and McDonald.

So, tomorrow it's back to reality. I'm not looking forward to driving an hour and half across an exceedingly boring part of the world starting at about midnight tomorrow night (after I land in Michigan; going to my parents' place for the night), but I guess that's what I do for March baseball.

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