Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Profanity on TV.

There was a really interesting interview on the PBS Newshour tonight with a person — a lawyer by trade, I believe — who is following a case making its way up the court system in the US: essentially, a couple of broadcast TV networks are suing the FCC because they got slapped with fines after people said profanity on a couple of live shows a few years ago. Their angle is a curious one: they say that the FCC's rule about indecency on the air is so vague it harms their First Amendment rights to express themselves.

I couldn't help but think about a show I saw last night on the CBC, in prime time, which happened to include the words "shit" or "bullshit" about a dozen times in a half-hour show. The show had a disclaimer at the start and when coming back from commercial, and they did bleep out f-words and their various permutations, but... wow.

Loosen up, America, and let a little profanity slide. It's perfectly alright to put movie scenes of incredible violence on TV, but "shit" has to go? C'mon.

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