Friday, January 06, 2012

My latest crush.

Look, I know you must think I have a thing for women-of-colour, based on my past (admitted) quasi-celebrity crushes I've listed on here. If memory serves, here's what we've got so far, in chronological order of crushery:

1. Oga Nwobosi, Weather Network reporter

The original and, dare I say, best. How can you top your first Basic Cable Crush? She set the bar pretty high: as high as that high-pressure ridge building over Manitoba, or something like that. Anyway, on we go to...

2. Sarika Sehgal, CBC Newsworld anchor

One day I was flipping idly through the channels, and... there she was. I assume her background is something Indian, or at least in that neighbourhood. But really, does that matter? Besides, if it's 25-below and the wind is howling, we all look the same in snowpants.

3. Sook-Yin Lee, musician/MuchMusic VJ/actor/CBC Radio host

I never had MuchMusic until I went to uni, but boy-howdy did I discover S-Y fast. Nowadays she hosts Definitely Not The Opera, and I am Definitely Smitten. (Have been for years.) She's a Facebook-friend of mine, so I expect her to propose marriage to me any day now. I'll keep you posted.

Fast-forward to tonight. Naturally, because I'm on holidays, I'm reverting to my natural night-owl hours, and I'm able to watch Conan O'Brien's show at its normal time. (Because I'm cheap and don't get The Comedy Network anymore, I wait until 1:05am when it's on CTV for free.) The monologue was funny, Conan promised to eventually air the Nog Hog sketch he cut (details here), Johnny Galecki told stories about his brother not remembering how old he was... and then...

4. Mindy Kaling, actor/writer/producer on The Office

I admit, I don't watch The Office much. Hell, I like the UK version better, and I don't think I've caught more than a couple of minutes of the US version in the past five years. I must've seen her on there maybe once or twice, and thought she was alright, but her character's annoying (by design). But, in person, she's whip-smart, funny (including being openly self-deprecating; pretty rare for a chick), urbane, and just all kinds of sexy. Hell, that picture above doesn't even do her justice. I don't even care that Mindy Kaling isn't even her real name. Hell, I don't even care that she's uh-MURR-i-cunn. She is just eighteen thousand different kinds of alright, man.

There we go, then. I live in the world's most multicultural city, so it'd stand to reason that my quasi-celebrity crushes would sample different cultures. (And don't even get me started on the MP for Scarborough―Rouge River.)


artemis jayne said...

I love that your choice of women are all strong and smart. :)

George Curtis said...

Oga received her first kiss from me in Nfld
Beautiful and smart even in elementary - love to touch base with her.