Saturday, January 28, 2012

Major League.

It's becoming a yearly ritual.

Right around this time of the winter — if you can call this season winter, that is, with all the rain and above-freezing-ness going around — I get a little antsy. The Christmas season and its assorted festivities are over, spring is still a ways away, and Spring Training hasn't started yet.

What better time to throw Major League into the good old-fashioned Blu-Ray player and give it a whirl, then?

Some of the minor details are a bit off:
  • the stadium supposed to be in Cleveland was actually in Milwaukee
  • there's no way Spring Training starts on March 1
  • Lou Brown wouldn't be managing a single minor-league team for 30 years
  • I'm pretty sure Miss Fuel Injection would have a better body than Rene Russo... but it'd be close
  • if you tail a woman home from work and awkwardly walk into a dinner party hosted by her fiancé who hates you, you're probably just going to get the cops called on you*
  • major league baseball teams don't force their players to sleep in bunk-bed dorms
...and so on. But if you suspend a little bit of disbelief, it's a hell of a movie with a shit-ton of quotable moments.

The only quibble I have with it is the inclusion of the romantic subplot. Alright, Jake, we get it — you had the hots for a woman once, but you were a dick and she left and you "couldn't cut it in the Mexican League." But, yet again, a looooooooove story threatens to douse an otherwise hilarious movie with a bucket of piss-warm water. WHO CARES?! SHOW ME MORE OF PEDRO CERRANO WHIFFING ON CURVEBALLS! No wonder Kurt Vonnegut rarely put romance into his works of fiction.

At any rate, it's a great movie and you should watch it. Go Tigers!
* You're really going to want to take my word on this.

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