Sunday, October 16, 2011


I'm disgusted that I'm writing this.

I really am.


I'm strongly considering ditching my land line and going with a cell phone.

(pause for gasps of shock and horror)

Look... these things don't seem to be going away, much as I would like them to. And, my landline bill is $32 a month, even if I don't make a single long-distance call — which I usually don't, because I use a phone card which gives me a way better rate anyway.

Plus, there's the text-messaging thing. A lot of people seem to be into it, and it's kinda like portable email, which would be pretty useful.


If you know me, and chances are you do, you know that the non-cell-phone thing is a big part of how I define myself. Perhaps it's misplaced angst, perhaps it's stubborn for stubbornness's sake. Maybe it's just idiotic. I'm not sure. I've always said that, "Oh, it's just a matter of time before I get one." Well, we may be rapidly approaching that time.

But... if I'm shelling out $32 a month for a landline, or $25 a month for an unlimited-local, unlimited-text, unlimited-data plan from Mobilicity, and I can get a free cell phone from a friend who found a fairly-recent Blackberry on the street and can (apparently) get it "broken" for five bucks at Pacific Mall so it'll work on any cell network... then what the hell am I doing giving Ma Bell all this extra money?

So... that's where I'm at.

And I hate it.

But, that's life sometimes.


Eve said...


Eve said...

Welcome to the family.

JTL said...

Rub it in a little, whydontcha.

Dave said...

This is the beginning, isn't it.

Next, you'll shave your head, start smoking, and buy a motorcycle.

L said...

Found my way to your blog by clicking next blog.

I enjoy your wit...although after reading your last post

I guess you have not yet met Siri. I am not an apple user and all I can say is WOW!

It wont be long until we all have personal assistants