Monday, October 03, 2011

OK, here's the plan.

Tuesday, 1:55pm
Finish teaching a room full of grade 9s. Hopefully the walls are still intact.

Someone else starts my grade 12s off on research for their project.

I'm in my car, hitting the road... specifically the 401 westbound, hopefully before the majority of the afternoon rush.

Crossing the Bluewater Bridge from Sarnia to Port Huron, and hoping the afternoon rush hour doesn't really affect the lineup too much.

Dropping my stuff off at a hotel on the outskirts of Detroit.

Sipping a beer at the Beer Hall in Comerica Park.

First pitch of Tigers-Yankees, ALDS Game 4... section 218, Mezzanine level.

The game ends, hopefully with a win for the good guys.

Wednesday, 12:30am-ish
Get all tucked into bed in the aforementioned hotel.

Wake up, shower, grab coffee and pastry.

Hit the road.

Arrive back in Toronto, fresh as a daisy.

Teach my period 2 grade 9s; my prep period is first that day.

This is gonna be NUTS.


thea said...

you're allowed to clock out early to go see a ball game? Being a teacher rules!

JTL said...

....not really. I didn't tell anyone in the front office what I was doing. It was a "personal appointment." And, it's the first time I've done anything like this; hell, I've only taken one sick day in 9-plus years.

thea said...

In high school I once asked my teacher if she had ever taken a sick day just for fun and she told me, "No, I have to actually be sick. Sick of you doesn't count."