Monday, October 31, 2011

How to speak South Scarberian.

I often tell my students, "Y'know, if I'd stayed back in my hometown to teach, I'd have missed out on so much good stuff." (Mind you, I probably would've missed out on hearing that a student of mine got led out of the school in cuffs for bringing a six-inch knife in the building — and, as far as I can deduce, to my classroom — but hey, life's funny sometimes.)

So, I bring you a bit of South Scarberian, circa Fall 2011. Please note that this may vary from area to area, and may only be particular to the part of southern Scarborough in which I work. No guarantees are made that this won't get you stabbed and/or shivved anywhere else, or even within the neighbourhood.*

extra (ĕk' strə)
adj. outrageous or out-of-the-ordinary, often somewhat derisively
Example: "Alice is being so extra today. She's even more annoying than usual."

snake (snāk)
adj. sneaky or underhanded
Example: "Teacher gave us a pop quiz yesterday; that was snake, yo."

greezy (grē' zē)
adj. sly or slick, in a potentially admirable way; cf. "greasy"
Example: "Did you see that move Bob pulled today in the basketball match? That was greezy, dawg."

Lexicographer's note:
Regrettably, my favourite piece of South Scarberian, "arms" (as to describe something which is seen as a slight, but not disrespectfully so) has no meaning anymore. Such is the fluidity of this particular dialect.
* The school at which I teach is actually pretty great. That's not to say it's devoid of, well, let's call them "characters."

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