Tuesday, July 26, 2011

It's hot here.

That means a few things are true:
  • Motorcycles just blasted past my building, because there's a nice traffic light-free stretch in front of it, and it's nice and quiet and it's nighttime.
  • My little air conditioner's doing a yeoman's work these days. I gave it the night off because it's actually, somehow, in the 20s outside.
  • It's nice up north, though. Spent the weekend at my buddy Bob Sacamano's family's cottage up near North Bay. The Sacamanos' cottage is on a great little lake, and the sun sets opposite their dock real picturesque-like, and there's a beer store in town, which means I think you have a good idea what I drank all weekend.
  • It's baseball season, and the Tigers are in the thick of the AL Central race. They lost tonight, and the Cleveland Racist Nicknames won, which means the Tigers' lead is one measly game. S'alright, though. The sky isn't falling.
  • ...yet.
  • The All Pale Countries Tour 2011 commences one week from today. This year's lineup includes Iceland (again), Denmark and the Czech Republic; yes, I know Czechs are technically Slavic in origin and not Nordic, but they're still pretty pale. And their beer is excellent.
Fitz and the Tantrums are from now, but sound like they're from then. They gave away their debut EP a couple of years ago, which was a genius move: it got the word (and their music) out to a whole lot of people. Have a listen to their big huge hit single, if you haven't already:



thea said...

thanks for posting this, JTL. I just picked up that album from Fitz and The Tantrums. Keep the recommendations coming.

Dell Ledermann said...

This band is the "Rolling Stones" type, right? I've heard some of their songs from their album Pickin' Up the Pieces, and each of them rocked me! It's perfect for the summer season, hehe. Anyway, how often do you give your AC a night off? It's actually a good thing, you know. Appliances need rest too!