Sunday, June 19, 2011

South-Central Lambton County Crop Report.

Here's what we have as of June 19th, in southern Brooke and southeastern Enniskillen townships:


Late start, with the wetness in May. Couldn't get the beans in on time — 2 weeks late, at the earliest — and that's showing up now. Plants should be about four inches tall; lots haven't even come up yet. Plus, with the dryness lately, that's not good either.


Up, but not as high as it should be. You know how it likes those hot, humid days, though (doesn't everybody?) — and if this summer's as hot as everyone says it's going to be, it should catch up alright.

Winter Wheat

Might be starting to hint at changing colour in some places; my grandfather seemed to think it had lightened up in the past couple of days. My cousin says it could use another good drenching in the next week or two. If it's dry, though, you'll get smaller kernels and a smaller yield.

Overall Precipitation

As mentioned, it was wet early but a lot of places have been dry lately. It's spotty, though; a few days ago, my uncle's neighbour got 7/10ths of an inch, but they barely got anything.

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This is the sort of stuff my family talks about. I imagine yours is pretty much the same.

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