Thursday, June 30, 2011

The following things need to be said.

I officially finished my ninth year of teaching today. I still feel like The New Guy.

I've been obsessed with this song (particularly the live version) for the past week-ish. I think the thing that gets me most about the live version is that it looks completely effortless, but is far more complex (in terms of musicianship) than most stuff released today.

I'm glad June has been this cool. Normally by Canada Day, my balls have been sweated off in their entirety.

The Europe vacation is nearly all planned: Reykjav√≠k again, then Copenhagen, then meeting up with The One And Only Matt in Prague. I was trying to figure out a way to stop in Helsinki for a couple of days on my way back here — the cheapest PRG-YYZ flight was Finnair's two-legger through Helsinki — but apparently that'd be crazy-expensive. (The Finnair rep I called up yesterday morning was as puzzled as I was about it, and was equally unable to explain why a PRG-HEL-YYZ flight was $850-ish, but HEL-YYZ on the same day was $3000.)

Another option might involve going back through Stockholm, but staying there for a couple of days. I think that might be pretty nice, too. My kind of town, Stockholm.

I'm glad the Tigers have sent Phil Coke to the bullpen for now. I like Phil and all, but he really just wasn't getting it done as the fifth starter since the end of May. He did a great job in the 'pen last year, and even though he swore he could hack it in the rotation, he's much more useful to the team as a reliever.

In a couple of weeks, I'll potentially be watching four baseball games in four days, and there's a chance it'll be 5 in 4 days. I'm likely going to watch Roy Halladay's homecoming game on Saturday down at the Dome, which should be absolutely nuts, so I'm getting there as soon as the gates open.

Tomorrow night I plan on getting nice and toasty with a pal-o'-mine in honour of this great nation's birthday. Press Club at 10pm, if anyone's interested.


thea said...

hi JTL
I like reading your blog. Mind if I add a link from my blog?

JTL said...

No probs, thea.