Sunday, June 26, 2011

Back to work, union scum!

Interesting facts I learned from this whole thing:
  • The CEO of Canada Post is named Deepak Chopra.
  • No, not that one.
  • Lisa Raitt, the Minister of Labour, is no relation to blues guitarist Bonnie Raitt.
  • Lisa Raitt is under the impression that CUPW caused this fiasco. CUPW was in a fully legal strike position, had a mandate from its workers to perform a job action, and they did: rotating strikes. Most people still got their mail. It was Canada Post — the company — which locked out its workers and made everyone stop getting their mail.
  • Lisa Raitt hates unions. But this isn't really much of a surprise.
  • Why do the Cons even bother having a Minister of Labour? They should just rename the position Minister of Cornholing Working People.
  • TV cameras are not allowed in the Senate.
So, everyone gets their mail... soon-ish. Fifty-eight hours in the House (and six in the Senate), and the Cons have legislated their second back-to-work orders in a month.



But, as a public sector worker myself... this raises the issue about public-sector unions in general. On the one hand, we do things that the public pays for: teach their kids, collect their garbage, sort their mail. These are all very useful services, obviously. But on the other hand, we're employees with rights and working conditions and all that jazz, and we don't really enjoy being trampled-upon by our employers, or by governments hell-bent on breaking our unions.

(And if the latest polls forecasting this fall's provincial election are anywhere close to right... oy-yoy-yoy, it's gonna be Herr Hudak in charge around here soon enough. Goddammit.)

So, Dear Public, don't worry, you'll get all your back issues of Juggs Weekly in due time. (And your pornographic magazines, too; we all know JW is Canada's best source of information about jugs, buckets, barrels and other containers. Nobody knows why they throw the extra g in there, but it's been spelled that way since the 1920s.)


John Galt said...

Fucking union scum.

Your mob days will come to an end.

And I for one will be dancing on your bloated, extorted, corpses.

JTL said...

Kiss my ass, you Ayn Rand-loving prick.