Thursday, June 30, 2011

The following things need to be said.

I officially finished my ninth year of teaching today. I still feel like The New Guy.

I've been obsessed with this song (particularly the live version) for the past week-ish. I think the thing that gets me most about the live version is that it looks completely effortless, but is far more complex (in terms of musicianship) than most stuff released today.

I'm glad June has been this cool. Normally by Canada Day, my balls have been sweated off in their entirety.

The Europe vacation is nearly all planned: Reykjav√≠k again, then Copenhagen, then meeting up with The One And Only Matt in Prague. I was trying to figure out a way to stop in Helsinki for a couple of days on my way back here — the cheapest PRG-YYZ flight was Finnair's two-legger through Helsinki — but apparently that'd be crazy-expensive. (The Finnair rep I called up yesterday morning was as puzzled as I was about it, and was equally unable to explain why a PRG-HEL-YYZ flight was $850-ish, but HEL-YYZ on the same day was $3000.)

Another option might involve going back through Stockholm, but staying there for a couple of days. I think that might be pretty nice, too. My kind of town, Stockholm.

I'm glad the Tigers have sent Phil Coke to the bullpen for now. I like Phil and all, but he really just wasn't getting it done as the fifth starter since the end of May. He did a great job in the 'pen last year, and even though he swore he could hack it in the rotation, he's much more useful to the team as a reliever.

In a couple of weeks, I'll potentially be watching four baseball games in four days, and there's a chance it'll be 5 in 4 days. I'm likely going to watch Roy Halladay's homecoming game on Saturday down at the Dome, which should be absolutely nuts, so I'm getting there as soon as the gates open.

Tomorrow night I plan on getting nice and toasty with a pal-o'-mine in honour of this great nation's birthday. Press Club at 10pm, if anyone's interested.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Back to work, union scum!

Interesting facts I learned from this whole thing:
  • The CEO of Canada Post is named Deepak Chopra.
  • No, not that one.
  • Lisa Raitt, the Minister of Labour, is no relation to blues guitarist Bonnie Raitt.
  • Lisa Raitt is under the impression that CUPW caused this fiasco. CUPW was in a fully legal strike position, had a mandate from its workers to perform a job action, and they did: rotating strikes. Most people still got their mail. It was Canada Post — the company — which locked out its workers and made everyone stop getting their mail.
  • Lisa Raitt hates unions. But this isn't really much of a surprise.
  • Why do the Cons even bother having a Minister of Labour? They should just rename the position Minister of Cornholing Working People.
  • TV cameras are not allowed in the Senate.
So, everyone gets their mail... soon-ish. Fifty-eight hours in the House (and six in the Senate), and the Cons have legislated their second back-to-work orders in a month.



But, as a public sector worker myself... this raises the issue about public-sector unions in general. On the one hand, we do things that the public pays for: teach their kids, collect their garbage, sort their mail. These are all very useful services, obviously. But on the other hand, we're employees with rights and working conditions and all that jazz, and we don't really enjoy being trampled-upon by our employers, or by governments hell-bent on breaking our unions.

(And if the latest polls forecasting this fall's provincial election are anywhere close to right... oy-yoy-yoy, it's gonna be Herr Hudak in charge around here soon enough. Goddammit.)

So, Dear Public, don't worry, you'll get all your back issues of Juggs Weekly in due time. (And your pornographic magazines, too; we all know JW is Canada's best source of information about jugs, buckets, barrels and other containers. Nobody knows why they throw the extra g in there, but it's been spelled that way since the 1920s.)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The summer free from skirt-chasing.

I usually don't talk about my love-life on here, because if I did, I'd post even less frequently than I currently do. (But, let me tell you who does: this girl right here. And she's great.)

I've spent the vast majority of my adult life as a single guy. I'm mostly alright with that; if I was completely alright with that, I doubt I'd have brought it up. (Hell, I'm alright with being right-handed, which is possibly why I never mention that fact on here... until now.) And I guess I could give a laundry-list of excuses:
  • haven't met the right one
  • haven't met the right one at the right time
  • shirtless, I don't look like Matthew McConaughey
  • I tend not to find myself surrounded by the ladies
  • I have a third arm
  • overall romantic incompetence
I could go on all day, lamenting my shortcomings — women love that, right? — but I'll save you (and my therapist*) the trouble. I'm fine, I'm (fairly) sure things'll click eventually, and I've been told by a few non-my-mom women that I'm something of a catch.

But, here's the thing: the search, the relentless search, is fucking tiring. And it's not an easy thing to turn off: we're hard-wired to find someone to screw to pass on that ol' DNA. Women may hear a biological clock ticking, and I'll grant you that's probably not too pleasant an ordeal. But it's not like we fellows get off scot-free either.

However, this summer — today being the first day thereof — I hereby vow to make a concerted effort to NOT actively chase skirts. I mean, if I'm out with some buds somewhere and I strike up a conversation with a Heather Graham look-alike who votes lefty, has a poster of Lou Whitaker on her wall and plays bass in a My Bloody Valentine tribute band,** I'm probably going to have to follow up on that. But that's probably going to be just about it, I think.

There was a very, very brief period of my life where I was able to turn off the radar: it was back in the late '90s, it only lasted a couple of months, and even though I was in the belly of the pressure-cooker that is the University of Waterloo, I'd never felt so relaxed. I realize that's a long time ago, and my life's a lot more complicated than it was back then... but, who knows? I think it's worth a shot.
* Dr. Jack Daniels; you may have heard of him.
** If one of these doesn't exist, I really should start one. I bought a bass off my brother this weekend — I've been babysitting it for months, so I figured I should stop screwing around and make it legal — and perhaps my future bride could use it.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

South-Central Lambton County Crop Report.

Here's what we have as of June 19th, in southern Brooke and southeastern Enniskillen townships:


Late start, with the wetness in May. Couldn't get the beans in on time — 2 weeks late, at the earliest — and that's showing up now. Plants should be about four inches tall; lots haven't even come up yet. Plus, with the dryness lately, that's not good either.


Up, but not as high as it should be. You know how it likes those hot, humid days, though (doesn't everybody?) — and if this summer's as hot as everyone says it's going to be, it should catch up alright.

Winter Wheat

Might be starting to hint at changing colour in some places; my grandfather seemed to think it had lightened up in the past couple of days. My cousin says it could use another good drenching in the next week or two. If it's dry, though, you'll get smaller kernels and a smaller yield.

Overall Precipitation

As mentioned, it was wet early but a lot of places have been dry lately. It's spotty, though; a few days ago, my uncle's neighbour got 7/10ths of an inch, but they barely got anything.

* * * * * * *

This is the sort of stuff my family talks about. I imagine yours is pretty much the same.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I know, I know.

I'll post something soon, I promise.