Monday, April 18, 2011

These things need to be said.

I sure hope the Conservatives don't win a majority. I don't think they will, but hey, wackier things have happened. On the flipside, if they only win another minority, there are rumblings that ol' Steve is gonna get pushed out. This would work in the Libs' favour: the Cons would appear weak, would be trying to find their footing under a new leader, and might be more vulnerable than ever. Just sayin', Iggy.

I don't care what anyone says, Spacehog's Resident Alien album was great. Cruel To Be Kind was a snappy power-pop track. And didn't their frontman marry someone famous? I'd look it up, but.

Writing gig? Not exactly over, but not exactly torturous anymore. I have one more dealie to submit by May 4, which should be a breeze.

Marking? Omnipresent. Our mid-term report card marks are due tomorrow. Still have two class sets of quizzes to mark, but those ain't bad. Estimated commencement time of marking tonight: 10:45pm.

I have hooligans staying in my apartment this weekend, apparently. S'ok, they're not Scottish Soccer Hooligans. (Fun fact: both the people in that video, Mike Myers and the not-long-on-SNL Mark McKinney, are both Canadian.)

(Also: I had forgotten how great that fake-show was. "Give us a kiss." And a vomit-take! A staple of the early-mid '90s shows, and great if used sparingly.)

That about covers it, I suppose. Tah!

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