Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Let's have an erection.

(And yes, I make that joke every time we go to the polls.)

"Canadians do not want another useless election."
"We put together a budget that helps ordinary Canadians."
"The Opposition is more interested in having voters go to the polls than in helping the people of this country."
— Steve Harper

"Jets and corporate tax cuts, that's what this budget gives out."
"There's not enough in the budget for seniors and working-class Canadians."
"The government has no respect for the institution of Parliament."
— Mike Ignatieff

"I have a moustache."
— Jack Layton

Looks like the writs will be dropped pretty soon; Steve's gonna visit my old buddy Dave Johnston* (current GG, former president of UW, and the guy who shook my hand and gave me my physics degree) and Parliament will be dissolved. The only question is, will the government fall on the budget itself, a separate non-confidence vote, or the bits about the Contempt of Parliament charge (which appears to have teeth)?

At any rate, this Parliament is a goner, and good riddance to bad garbage. If the Libs can't, at the very least, gain a whole bunch of seats from all these Conservative blunders — the Bev Oda "not" thing, the In-And-Out scandal, the shitty budget that Jimbo Flaherty had his shoes re-soled for — they deserve to be the Opposition again, plain and simple. Goddammit, Mike, Steve & Co. have given you the gun, the bullets and the target, and they're screaming "SHOOT! SHOOOOOOOOOOT!!!" at you. For fuck's sakes, man, pull that trigger.

Then again, the Liberals have a history of pulling defeat from the jaws of victory, so who knows what we'll get after the ballot boxes snap shut on May 2 or 9? The pollsters don't really predict much of a change, though, so that's kind of a bummer. The moral of the story, if there is one, is that, out of the four major party leaders, despite his stated intention of destroying my country, I still like Gilles Duceppe the best, as a person. If only he could harness his powers for good, eh?
* Fun fact about Dave, from Wikipedia: While at Harvard, under the coaching of Cooney Weiland, Johnston captained the varsity ice hockey team, was twice selected to the All-America team, and met and befriended Erich Segal, the two becoming jogging partners. In 1970, Segal wrote the best-selling novel Love Story, basing a character in the book — Davey, a captain of the hockey team — on Johnston.

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