Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Cereal Review: Kashi Honey Sunshine.

Executive Summary: Somewhat lousy.

Detailed Review:

I got this because I received an email offer for a coupon for a free box. I filled in my address, clicked "Send," and waited patiently by the mailbox for it to come (missing two months of work and getting fired in the process; totally worth it).

Today was the day: I would redeem my coupon for a box of horrendously overpriced cereal. It's 340 g, and retails for FIVE BUCKS at FOOD BASICS (just about the cheapest place around for any edible foodstuff, except possibly for shitty Bravo pasta sauce, but that's barely edible anyway).

Armed with a coupon (but faced with an extraordinarily long lineup), I got my box, trundled on home, milked it up, and tried it.
  • similar in shape to Corn Bran, but the bits are about 20% smaller
  • somewhat simiar in taste to Corn Bran, but slightly sweeter
  • quickly acquires the consistency of wet newsprint
  • really, folks, not that exciting.
Kashi makes some delicious granola bars, but they're as overpriced as their cereal. I think their marketing angle is that their ingredients are all natural; if this is what "all natural" cereal is like, give me the artificial-est store-brand Fruit Whirls ya got, pal.

Overall Verdict: No way I'd spend the money for a box of this. Maybe their other cereals are better, but this ain't exactly getting my hopes up.

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Anonymous said...

I miss Fruit Whirls. Now that's a cereal.