Monday, January 17, 2011

Neil Young, Young Old Man.

Here's a 1971 performance of a then-new song, "Heart Of Gold," off After the Gold Rush, which is one stupendously fantastically amazing album.

A few things about this:
  1. Even though he was 26 when this was filmed, he somehow comes across like a 50 year old. Sorta looks like one, and definitely acts like one.
  2. His diction is a hundred times clearer than any modern pop song. I'm not sure if this is good or bad, but one of the reasons I don't generally pay attention to lyrics is because I can't fucking make them out most of the time, thank you Kurt Cobain.
  3. I love how he's casually fumbling around for a harmonica in the right key, making small-talk, looking a bit lost or clumsy, then drops an astonishing song on an unsuspecting crowd like a god damn atomic bomb.
  4. He has a really weird voice, but it somehow fits. I have no idea why.
I'd never seen Jimmy Fallon's impression of Neil Young before, but it's a good one. Here he is on his show, as Neil, singing a song based on one performed by a very kooky hopeful from American Idol (who, as you might guess, didn't make the cut). He's dead-on. (You may have to turn your volume down slightly, as it's a bit loud.)

I'm impressed. And yes, it's "Pants On The Ground."


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He's a bona fide original. As for Jimmy Fallon, that is a great impression. Right up there with his Barry Gibb.

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