Monday, December 27, 2010

Kind of a bummer.

I'm in Vancouver airport at the moment, on my way to Seattle. Thank you for the free Wi-fi, YVR — and thanks for catching up to 2005, Pearson Airport, by providing some of your own. I guess the highest landing fees in the world are finally paying for something other than whatever the hell that architectural experiment called Terminal 1 is.

(Pretty, though.)

Anyway, on the way out I watched The Social Network and FUBAR 2 (way to go, Deaner!), and was struck by the following things about the former:
  1. Now I kinda feel like a douche for being on Facebook.
  2. I also feel douchey for having been on it extremely early (probably winter '05-ish, not too long after it came to Queen's).
  3. This was a good movie, all in all.
  4. Blogging is exceptionally narcissistic, and this is a type of thing I try to avoid, as a matter of course.
So... to write or not to write, that is the question. Plenty of these here blogs have fallen by the wayside — I suppose the world can be summarized in 140 characters — and yet, I soldier on here. This thing tells me I've posted right around 1000 times since late 2004 — hey, this blog's been around longer than I've been on Facebook! I oughtta update my status to show... aw, shit, I'm a douche again.* — and I suppose I still find it useful, so I imagine I'll just keep going. I'm sure my readership these days is in the low single-digits. And yet. Soldiering.

You know what's messed up? When you spend five hours in a plane, you really don't know what time it is. I've lost all track of time. I know it's light out here. Is it still 2010?
* Don't worry, I'm not one of "those people" who would update their status to say "Hey, I just had a $10 ham sandwich and Diet Coke at YVR, and someone's snoring a few seats over in the waiting area! Woo!" Hell, I went a couple of years with a blank status on there. I never have a picture of myself up, but that's mostly so the kiddies don't find me. In conclusion, I'm a douche.

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Eve said...

You are a douche for caring whether it's cool to blog.