Monday, November 29, 2010

Yet another late night at work.

Yep, 6:30 and I'm still here. I sure do know how to live it up.

Piece of advice, though.

Here's what not to do:
  1. Spend an hour and a half writing a quiz, eventually armwrestling Microsoft Word into submission.
  2. Print it off.
  3. Close the document.
  4. Because you've been at work forever and your judgement is all cloudy and fuzzy, OBLITERATE THE QUIZ FROM YOUR COMPUTER even though you said you'd send a copy to a colleague before you left so she could look it over tonight or first-thing tomorrow morning.
  5. Spend another 45 minutes re-creating the thing from a blank document.
The countdown on the wall suggests 14 more school days until the break.

Please get here, Christmas Holidays. Please. I beg you.

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