Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Unpleasant Task Deathmatch: Marking vs. Dishes.

The following are activities I enjoy more than either marking stuff or doing my dishes:
  • doing my taxes
  • doing my bookie's taxes
  • doing my bookie (sorry, Rocco)
  • eating dry Life cereal
  • eating drywall
  • shoving assorted moistened appendages into empty light sockets
  • acting as a "human shield"
  • acting in an off-off-Broadway revival of "Yentl" with me in the additionally-gender-crossed lead role
  • dancing the tango in the middle of my street during rush hour
  • watching a Rita Rudner stand-up routine
  • playing bass for Supertramp
  • wearing cufflinks made of radioactive hornets
  • being Rob Ford's mayoral campaign manager
  • being Sarah Thompson's mayoral campaign manager
  • being John Malkovich
  • writing this blog post
  • changing the battery in my smoke detector on the same weekend we change the clocks*
* Fire prevention starts with you. Be safety-wise.

So, in honour of these two activities and my pure hatred for both — and as a way for procrastinating from doing either — I've devised a list of pros and cons for each.

Dishes* can listen to the radio while I'm doing them
* really don't take a lot of time
* after I'm done I can cook cool stuff to eat
* occasionally disgusting stuff baked onto them
* increases incidence of "dishpan hands"
* this shit never really ends, ever
Marking* I get a better knowledge of my students' strengths and weaknesses
* I'm paid to do it
* it's a professional obligation
* it shows how shitty a teacher I am
* there is no more mind-numbingly-repetitive task on the planet
* this shit never really ends, ever

So, there you have it. The winner? Me, for successfully putting off doing both for a good ten minutes.


Deanna said...

If I do the dishes all next week, do I get to choose an activity from your list to do instead?

lauries said...

I'm still processing the fact that you wrote all that other stuff in just 10 minutes.