Friday, July 30, 2010

Over here in the Motherland.

...or is it?

I'm writing from an Internet cafe here in Dublin. This is my second day here, and I've done a hell of a lot of walking. I spent a day in Glasgow before coming here, and before Glasgow, four days in Reykjavik with the one-and-only Matt.

I'll do a bit more of a recap later, but here are some highlights:
  • the women in Reykjavik are stunning
  • the women in Glasgow are not
  • the women in Dublin are... meh
  • geysers are cool
  • Iceland loves to drink until the morning
  • there are a lot of great bands in Scotland
  • it's easier to understand someone from Dublin than it is someone from Glasgow, by far
  • the Book of Kells is pretty neat
  • stopping over in Copenhagen airport on the way from Reykjavik to Glasgow, I have concluded that Danish is the most ridiculous language ever invented
That's about it. Pictures will be posted when I get back, somewhere. You'll find 'em, I'm sure.

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