Monday, July 12, 2010

Drivin', drivin', drivin'.

So much for relaxing a lot on the summer holidays.

Canada Day, chill with a few beers. The next day, head down to Sarnia-ish for a day with the fam, then the next three in Detroit/Toledo for four baseball games. Come back to Toronto, melt for a day, then mom/dad/bro/niece come up for a thorough exploration of the Science Centre. Melt for another day, then sing "Go All The Way" by Raspberries for karaoke (only in honour of a birthday; I gotta keep these pipes a secret!). Next day, drive back down to Detroit for another game, hang with the fam this morning and afternoon, come back almost all the way to Toronto, play two baseball games, then come back the rest of the way, then fire up my computer so I can tell you all about it.

At said karaoke — which I never usually attend, but hey, it was for a birthday — I had a strange experience by meeting someone who has apparently been reading this thing for the past year and half. I mean, it's very flattering to have someone think your writing is interesting (really?) enough to follow it for any length of time, it really is. The strange part, though, is meeting someone for the first time who already knows things about you — physics teacher, fan of the Tigers, superb in the sack, all that jazz — but you don't really know anything about them in return (other than they're a friend of your friend).

Has this ever happened to you? Lemme tell ya, it's weeeeeeird at first. But hey, you get over it. (Hi, Claire!)

(I think that was your name.)

(I'm so terrible at remembering things like names.)

At any rate, I'm hoping this week is going to be a hell of a lot lazier. Sloth, I welcome thee.

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Christine said...

I feel so priveledged to be in on the secret of your singing abilities!