Monday, June 14, 2010


Sure, you may not agree with Ted Nugent's libertarianism, his thorough love for hunting, his brashly outspoken and uncritical support of the Right To Bear Arms (despite coming from a city which has an unbelievably high incidence of gun-related crime), or his omnipresent cowboy hat (these days).

But damn, this fella could play some guitar. That's him with that gorgeous hollow-body Gibson tucked way up under his arm during his time with the Amboy Dukes, and while, no, he's not playing live, hardly anybody did that on TV back when this song was new. And no, the lyrics aren't that interesting (nor do they make much sense), but... as I mentioned before, GEE-TARRRRR. The tone absolutely slays me.

I swear, if I could make a guitar sound like that, I'd totally quit my day job.