Monday, May 24, 2010

I got me a new ride.

This blog has been going on for so long, I'm on my third car during its... um... lifespan? Yeah, we'll go with "lifespan," even though it's technically not "alive."

Basically, my new car is exactly like my old car, with the following changes:
  • power windows and side-mirrors
  • power locks with the remote unlocker thingy
  • nicer wheels, with bigger rims (which are now aluminum)
  • a slightly fancier radio into which I can plug my iPod
  • about 89,000 fewer kilometres
  • two fewer annoying rattles (bringing the total down to zero)
What was weird, though, was that I felt guilty for leaving my old car. I sat in it one last time, gathering up the assorted stuff from the glovebox that I wanted to transfer into my new car, and we had what I guess could be called a "moment." It was a damn fine car, and I owned it less than four years... but hey, my brother's sweet-ass employee discount program is going to change this fall, and I wanted to get one of the last of the Pontiacs, so I guess this is how it goes.

And, like an idiot, I left a CD in the old car's player, which I retrieved the following day (Sonic Youth's Murray Street, which is a damn fine album, even if it doesn't contain this song in any way, shape or form).

All in all, though, I'm glad I got a new car. And, to the environment, I say this: Fuck you, I ain't givin' it up for nothin'.

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Eve said...

And I was just beginning to remember to lock the door on the old one!