Monday, April 19, 2010

Well, it's mid-April again.

This means several things are occurring:

1. Roll Up the Rim time is ending.
Looks like I'm going to go 0-for-2010. Mind you, I only rolled up maybe three rims this year, but still, would one free cup of coffee or one stinkin' cookie have killed you bastards?

2. Hockey playoffs are on TV every single night.
While I don't care about either the Sabres or the Bruins, it's on my TV in the background tonight. And, since it's playoff time, the Leafs are getting a little work done around the house and maybe catching a movie. (Seriously, a team from Florida has won the Cup since the Leafs last won one. That's saaaaad.) I'm glad to see that there's a fair amount of fighting in the playoffs this year, though.

3. I'm stupidly busy(er) at work.
My three classes are rolling along alright — they're pretty much the least of my worries these days. But, this is the time of year when a bunch of things come to a head:
  • As the Union rep, I have to be in on meeting after meeting when we're talking about how to staff the entire school at large, who we have to declare surplus to the school, how we can hold on to the people already in the building, and so on (in addition to the regular Union-based stuff I have to do normally).
  • As the department head in charge of building the timetable for our dozen-ish teachers, we're fast approaching the time where I'll have to go through a bunch of permuations of classes, rooms and teachers; we're going to have more classes than we've ever had before in recent memory, and with the IB program, things are getting mighty complicated to schedule. It usually takes about 8-10 full timetable-builds before I get it right.
  • As the baseball coach, we're starting our season next week, which means I'm going to be missing several afternoons in May while watching our team get pummelled by, well, everyone else in the league. (I think Charlie Brown might be my pitcher.) Plus, these 7:45am practices are killing me, but we can't get gym time afterschool, so that's what we have to do most of the time.
  • As the seniormost Physics teacher in the building (?!), I'm organizing our annual field trip to Canada's Wonderland, which some people in the school board would like nothing more to kill because of the potential lawsuits if some kid gets hurt, so they bury us in paperwork hoping we'll just give up on the whole thing. We go in late May, but we have to have everything in 5 weeks beforehand.
  • As a regular classroom teacher, we've been going pretty hard on the ol' treadmill for eight months, and we're all getting a little burnt-out by this time of the year.
Then again, as the old saying goes, "I signed up for this." I think the only thing I'm going to cut out for next year is the coaching; it seems a little selfish, but to be honest, it happens at the absolute worst time of year for me.

Is it June yet?

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ecb said...

In response to my whining, two people in the past week have said "you signed up for this" to me. They're blunt, but they've got a point.