Friday, April 02, 2010

I will no longer be taken in by master-baiters.

Ah, how I love (a.) double-entendres and (b.) homonyms.

So, Sarah Palin, eh? She's quite the fireball. Here she is speaking at a Tea Party rally in some godforsken corner of the most godforsaken state in the Union (that would be Nevada):

I would never suggest that anyone watch the full ten minutes of that claptrap; I do have a pretty high regard for the sanity of others, after all. A couple of minutes should do nicely.

Now, once upon a time, I could work myself into a pretty good lather watching crap like this: "How could some Americans be so dumb?", "She appeals to the worst in people!", "Yet another example of people getting misled by sound-bites!", and so on.

No more, though.

If there's one thing Ann Coulter and I have in common (aside from both being carbon-based life forms, as far as I can tell; I'm not so sure she isn't made from pure hatred, though), it's that we both think it's impossible to have a reasonable discussion with someone from the complete opposite side of the political spectrum as yourself.*

So, why bother? If you're a commie-hippie fag-loving bleeding-heart liberal, no amount of calm discussion/spirited yelling/severe bludgeoning with a ball-peen hammer is going to change the mind of a gun-loving free-market git-r-done conservative — and vice-versa. It feels good to vent your ideas to the beginning. But when your well-thought-out arguments never change their mind, it ultimately ends in a big, steaming pile of frustration (and perhaps a slashed SUV-tire or four); and it will never, ever end anywhere else.

As I have come to this conclusion, I have vowed not to get baited into discussions with the aforementioned right-wingers. I may state something like, "Well, I disagree with you for a lot of reasons," but that's where it'll end, I hope. Oh, I'll want to point out the fallacies and the fantasies and the like, but... steaming pile.

I just hope I can resist.
* The fact is, it's really hard for someone on the moderate-left, like me, to have a conversation with a hard-left Troskyite, for example. I'll think they have their head in the clouds, they'll think I've sold out, and we might as well be on opposite ends of the spectrum, for what that's worth.

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