Monday, March 22, 2010

Welcome to 1960s Canada.

Congratulations, USA — you managed to (sort-of) do something your "hat" did decades before, by making health care coverage (sort-of) universal. (Sort-of.)

Details here. Obama still has to sign the thing after all the t's are dotted and the i's are crossed, or something like that. Who am I, friggin' Doris Kearns Goodwin or something?

The 34 Democrats in the House who voted against this should be rounded-up, forced into a small room, and be forced to listen to John Denver's Greatest Hits over and over again, at a high volume, Noriega-style. (Frankly, I'm surprised that didn't find its way into the infamous "Torture Memos" from Bush & Co.)

People might say Obama's future depends on this bill; to that, I say, "Poppycock." If he's going to get another term, it's going to be because the economy will have recovered by 2012 and everyone's safely in another bubble. (Don't tell them it's just going to burst again; that's bad for the polls.) Health care is nice, but the economy is (somewhat) sexy.

In completely unrelated news, a street sweeper just went by my building. It's nearly one in the morning; that's a good time for them to do their thing. I've seen street sweepers doing their thing during rush hour, which is completely asinine. No wonder this town is going down the crapper; first Giambrone, now this. Time to move back to Hooterville, I say.

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