Tuesday, March 23, 2010

On crushes.

I've written about them before here, but my ol' Queen's buddy James has an interesting perspective on them, in amongst a post on his ol' blog over on here.

His key idea:

Crushes are great because they hold so much promise. When you're sitting in their midst you get to revel in the magic and take time to imagine what might be. By forcing a resolution you miss the chance to soak.

If nothing is going to come of a crush I'll find that out eventually, and in the meantime I get to discover what's great about a person, laugh at their jokes, be amazed by their passions, and maybe, JUST maybe, share an amazing kiss that was months in the making.


That's some right-powerful stuff, right there. Kinda makes me want a crush myself... lord knows it's been a while.*
* I don't necessarily believe in a god, but it's really hard to speak English and be deity-neutral, so I roll with it when need be.

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