Sunday, February 07, 2010

TTC driver backlash.

So, TTC operators are sick of people taking their picture as they sleep on the job, smoke on the job, take egregiously-long breaks or leave collector booths unmanned so people can sail right through.

There's apparently also a Facebook group for them (although I couldn't seem to find it).

Now, I realize pictures don't often tell the whole story; life is pretty nuanced, at times, and one single snapshot can be misleading. But, I think you'll agree that pretty much every picture or video that's come out recently showing a TTC employee doing something they shouldn't has been undeniably damning. I mean, the one dude was sleeping with his hands folded over his gut, and the video of that late-night driver shows that he was in the coffee shop for seven minutes as the bus idled away (after being 15 minutes late, and being belligerent to the passenger afterward). How can that be anything less than conclusive?

Being a good little unionist, my first instinct is to try to see it from the workers' point of view. But, in the end, it boils down to this: if you're being a jagoff on the job, don't lash out at the person who catches you, just stop being a jagoff.


ecb said...

I was on a bus once when the driver pulled over at a bakery to pick up an order. He even stopped and chatted with the guy behind the counter. I'm just saying...

JTL said...

Everyone has stories like that -- and now they're getting caught on camera, rather than just being vague anecdotes. Granted, no transit system is going to be perfect -- mechanical breakdowns and random delays happen -- but when all these stories come out of the woodwork, you can't help but feel pretty validated by all the shitty experiences you've personally had on the TTC.

I got to thinking the other day, maybe people wouldn't be so eager to publish all these incriminating pictures if they had a generally positive view of the TTC and the service they get from it. But, when you get left on the sidewalk at 2am when full bus after full bus passes you by, time after time... well, it's pretty hard to resist piling-on.