Wednesday, February 10, 2010

More school, so it appears.

I taught for four years straight out of uni. By the end of it, for various reasons, I was feeling pretty burnt-out — teaching, coaching, doing some union and political stuff, and starting to dabble in some higher-level professional development. I needed a break.

Enter Queen's and the M.Ed. program. Things didn't go exactly as planned — e.g. thesis clusterfucks aplenty — but I'd like to think I learned a lot from the whole ordeal, namely, "If things are going shittily, and your advisor isn't much help, go over their head." Two-ish years later, I was a Master of Education.

Now I'm halfway through my fourth year back at the ol' teaching thing, and... well, I'm starting to get a little antsy-in-the-pantsy. Not that I don't like being in the classroom — I really truly do enjoy the time I spend with the kids, and I have a blast — but I can't help but wonder if I can (and should) go farther with my own edumacation.

I've been doing a little perusing on OISE's website (I'm pretty sure I'd stay in Toronto, even though the idea of OISE hasn't really thrilled me in the past), and they have a PhD program in Educational Administration. (Please don't think for one second that by "administration," I want to become a principal; not in a million years would I ever want to be one, or a VP.) Look at the neato-sounding courses offered in this program, though:
  • Governing Education: A Seminar on Politics
  • Educational Change in the Postmodern Age
  • Educational Policy and Program Evaluation
  • Managing Changes in Classroom Practice
  • Teachers and Educational Change
  • Political Skill in the Education Arena
Those may not thrill you too much, but lemme tell ya, that last one gets me all tingly in my mental naughty-bits. Plus, I've been reading up on the admission requirements, and I think I'm fairly qualified; they also have a flex-time option, so I could continue working at least part-time (I'd obviously scale back my duties at work if I had to do coursework concurrently).

Anyway, I think this might just be in the cards for me. If I finish up this school year, and two more, that'd let me see some of the initiatives we've started at the ol' schoolhouse get going nicely on their own, and then I could make a bit of an exit.

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