Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Johnny Damon signing.

Today the Tigers quit messing-around and finally signed Johnny Damon to a one-year contract for $8 million.

Originally I was pretty ambivalent about getting Damon — I've always been a fan of Clete Thomas and figured he'd be alright leading off, if Austin Jackson didn't pan out. I wasn't (and I'm still not) confident about the defence out there in left: Damon throws like my grandmother, and Carlos Guillen's knees probably won't hold up for too long if he gets his way and plays in the field.

(I mean, ideally, Guillen's a full-time DH. When he put up a big stink about wanting to play more in left — mind you, this was after the failed third base experiment, pre-Cabrera — Jim Leyland rather surprisingly said, "Alright, buddy, whatever you want.")

The more I think about this signing, though, the more I like it. What's eight mil these days, anyway? Mike Ilitch has shown (lately, anyway) that he's willing to open up the purse-strings in order to fill holes. Putting the pressure on Jackson to lead off (not to mention Scott Sizemore at second, batting second) might have worked, but really, that's a hell of a gamble. Two rookies at the top of the order? That's friggin' crazy; then again, both Ilitch and Leyland have, at times, shown that they're crazy like foxes.

Fortunately for everyone, they decided to play it safe and get Damon... so we can all breathe a little easier.

Go Tigers.

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D said...

Are you going south to see some spring training this year, j?