Sunday, January 10, 2010

Neato neuropsych experiments, and TD Canada Trust can lick my scroat.

Today I helped out my old pal Eve (who really isn't all that old, to be honest) on an experiment she's doing in the midst of her Ph.D. studies, on the science-y side of neuropsychology, and it was kinda neat.

She and her assistant strapped this harness-like thing on my head (after measuring every possible dimension of my skull so it'd fit precisely), fastened it in place using about three dozen bobby-pins (marking the first time I've ever had them in my hair, or anywhere on me), and plugged in these combination infrared lights and sensors. The idea is that you shine light in through the scalp and the skull, and you can literally see where the blood is flowing around down there, which is MRI-ish without, y'know, having your head stuck in a giant magnet.

I answered a whole bunch of questions about analogies and the like, and at the end we took a look at how certain parts of my brain lit up like a Christmas tree when I had to think really hard (and some of them were really quite hard to come up with). I get the impression that this area of research is just getting off the ground, and if I can help to advance this techology in some little way, that's pretty cool.

* * *

For the second time in a year and a half, I got a call from the TD Canada Trust robot telling me, in its own Stephen Hawking-ish kind of way, "Please visit your local branch to get this sorted out." Does this happen this often to anyone else? I can't help but think that I'm either (a.) just extremely unlucky, or (b.) doing something wrong with my debit card. It's not like I'm going around town and spray-painting my PIN on random walls or anything. And yet, twice in 18 months, this is happened.

Seriously, how often has this happened to you, if ever?

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Anonymous said...

Scotia bank calls me all the time with that message. It always means my debit card has been 'comprimised' and they've cancelled it. Glad I'm not the only one!