Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I can't swing a sack of doorknobs in this town without meeting a Canadian celebrity.

Yeah, I know, I know... let the jokes fly: "A... Canadian celebrity? We have those?" But hey, it's all relative — we're not talking Brangelinanistonooney or anything, but that's fine by me.

I got a hot tip early this evening from my friend that Kevin McDonald, one of the Kids in the Hall, was going to be doing a set of comedic songs at the Press Club down on Dundas, which could be amongst the smallest (but friendliest) bars in all of Toronto. Said tipster, Christine, is a regular at the bar and knows people who know people.

Tonight, of course, was also the début of the new KITH mini-series, Death Comes To Town, so you could say they've been in the spotlight lately; last night they were on The Hour. I saw the show tonight, and it was good — it's not full of absurdist 3-minute sketches about the Daves that Bruce McCulloch knows, or 30 Helens agreeing on something. The first episode introduced the characters, laid the foundation for the plot, and was funny along the way to boot.

So, down to the Press Club I went. Before the first musical act, a guitar/drums duo, played a set, not one, but two of the Kids came in the door: McDonald and good friend Dave Foley, who I met a few years ago briefly at a Comedy Network party that ol' buddy Matt and I snuck into. (They were accompanied by two ladies, several years their junior.)

The funny thing is that, aside from a couple of people congratulating them on their new show, practically nobody paid attention to them. I got the sense that most of the people in the place were regulars and, well, couldn't really be bothered to fawn all over arguably two of the most important entertainers our Home on Native Land has ever produced. Anyway, the guitar/drums duo played a set, took a break, and the guitarist came back with Kevin for about seven funny songs; he forgot a few of the lyrics, but was overall pretty successful at getting us to laugh along.

I did manage to chat with Kevin for a couple of minutes at the bar (during the break) about the band The Black Keys and some assorted Detroit rock bands from the late '60s. On the way out I talked with Dave a bit: I told him to thank Bruce, the next time he saw him, for being so weird ("We normally try to get him to stop, to be honest"). I also remarked that I recognized a bit from one of Kevin's songs that harkened back to their original show and a sketch called "Daddy Drank," wherein the father-character said to his son as he tucked him in, "Goodnight son, and remember, I can murder you whie your sleep" ("It's an actual quote from Kevin's dad, which is why it's so funny").

All in all, an evening full of Kids in the Hall — both on TV and sitting six feet away from me. A pretty cool night, I'd say.

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