Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Boz Scaggs, Celebrity Death Pools and Commuting Via TTC.

I heard this song this morning, and was never really sure of the artist or title of the song; t's amazing what you can find when you Google a snippet of lyrics. Listen to it and tell me that's not catchy as hell. I dare you.

* * *

I moderate a Celebrity Death Pool: you pick 25 celebrities who you think might kick the bucket in 2010, and you get one point for every year they are away from 100 when they die. If I haven't already bugged you through Facebook (there's a group on there; it makes it easier if everyone's in one place), send your list to thecelebritydeathpool (at) gmail (dot) com by midnight on February 1. No money involved, but also no morals to be found. It's a perfect match.

* * *

Yesterday morning, I met a bunch of students downtown at the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) for a half-day field trip; I took the TTC (subway and bus) out to the ol' schoolhouse for the afternoon, and came back home on GO and TTC (which was a royal mess due to "signal problems," which may well be code for "a jumper on the tracks"). I bring this up because my commute is normally by car; in eight years of teaching, I've only ever taken the TTC twice.

I also bring this up because of the inherently social nature of commuting on public transit; a couple of things struck while I was jammed in a subway car during the afternoon rush.
  • You can have an absolutely packed subway car which is 100% silent; zero people talk. Is it this way in other places, or is Toronto just inherently unfriendly when it comes to strangers interacting? I realize it was a particularly stressful commute, but hey, misery loves company, and when you have company, you can make small talk.
  • This is going to sound weird, but it could very well be a good way to meet people (like the gorgeous redhead with the stunning green eyes who got off at Eglinton like I did, and hell, I don't even normally go for redheads, because if we had kids I'm sure they'd be translucent). The way I commute now, I spend a total of about 55 minutes a day alone in my car, and I'm already pretty familiar with myself.
Taking the TTC and GO now and again is kind of a neat way to change things up, and I'm considering doing that once in a while if I'm feeling particularly enterprising (and if I feel like getting up ridiculously early). I just hope there aren't any jumpers.

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