Friday, December 04, 2009

Kirk Cameron gets his ass kicked.

Verbally, I mean — and not to his face or anything, but still sweet enough.

Tip o' the hat: confirmed Theist, possible quasi-Christian, newly-minted-Muscovite, Matt Hubert.

Also: one of my all-time favourite local indie rock artists, Mandy Mintz, and her new-ish collaboration, Mandeverest, are going to be playing a show at the Silver Dollar (Spadina just north of College) on Saturday night. I'll be there, and I hope you'll be there too, whoever you may be, unless you're that sentient blob that haunts my dreams, in which case you can just go to that dickish Richmond Street club called Circa, whoops, I think the owners are going bankrupt, oh shucks, I guess d-bags have to find somewhere else to slip roofies into drinks.

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ecb said...

Woo a funny sassy skeptical chick. How refreshing.