Sunday, December 27, 2009

A few choice snippets.

The whole article is here, but this could give you a bit of an idea about why I couldn't get out of Toronto today, to Boston, en route to Iceland:

"It's absolute bedlam in here. And in true Canadian fashion, no one is coming and telling you what's going on, whose doing what, what your expectations are. We're going to go home and drive. We'll take our chances that way."

. . .

"It's not a good scene here. We've moved forward eight feet in 45 minutes. The line is winding around - it's almost the length of the terminal."

. . .

"U.S. customs should take a more reasonable approach to security."

. . .

It seems to be a great deal of overkill, Allan Bowditch said, adding he hasn't seen anything like it in 40 years of flying. "I think everybody appreciates there needs to be extra security, but not to the point where you grind the whole system to paralysis."

. . .

Trish Kale, a spokesperson for the Greater Toronto Airports Authority said Sunday that there were significant delays, mostly for passengers flying to the U.S.

"It would help if passengers were familiar with the new regulations," she said, referring to passengers who are allowed to bring only one carry-on baggage instead of the previous two bags. "We have some delays because passengers come to the airport and they don't know that so then they're shuffling things around."
[I really doubt "shuffling things around" trumps "everyone gets searched twice," "everyone's carry-ons get hand-searched," and "everyone gets frisked." Those seem to be a little more onerous and bedlam-inducing than "shuffling." —jtl]

. . .

Kale said the GTAA was not responsible for flight cancellations, and would not say if the cancellations were due to the newly enforced security measures.
[Of course she wouldn't say. Why would she? Someone or something is clearly to blame here; maybe she thought it was so clear, she wouldn't bother to state the obvious. —jtl]

. . .

Tyler, who was waiting in the customs line at the airport said Air Canada officials announced that 20 flights had been cancelled, although no reason had been given. Flights leaving for Houston, Pittsburg, Newark, New York, Washington, Chicago, Boston and Nashville amongst others has been cancelled.

She said officials told passengers from the cancelled flights to go home and rebook their flights online. [This is correct; we were given 1-800 numbers to call, and I can now rhyme-off American Airlines' number like my own.]

Air Canada could not be reached for comment.

. . .

So, there you have it: an unprecedented travel clusterfuck at Pearson cock-blocks my trip to the land of Björk and putrefied shark meat.


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Christine said...

Aw man, that sucks... you going to be staying in TO?