Monday, November 16, 2009

A word of advice.

I shared this with frequent blog-commentor ECB, but I think it warrants repeating.

I bought a bag of rice chips from Dollarama, labelled "salt and vinegar." They taste pretty much like you'd expect salt-and-vinegar rice chips to taste like... but they actually smell quite strongly of something ressembling latex paint.

So, take my advice: unless it's a chocolate bar or a soft drink, don't eat things you buy at Dollarama.

* * * * * * *

Special Bonus Thing: The Chinese government is a bunch of cocks.

* * * * * * *

Another Special Bonus Thing: George Strombolopoulos, host of The Hour, wearer of black clothing and all-around cool guy, used to have a syndicated show on the Corus Radio Network on Sundays from maybe 5-ish to 7-ish pm. But, seeing as how Corus (the owner of CFNY and others) didn't give two shits when his friend Martin Streek tragically took his own life earlier this year, Strombo ditched Corus, and he has a new show on CBC Radio 2 on Sunday evenings from 8 to midnight! Unfortunately the last two hours conflicts with Little Steven's Underground Garage here in Toronto on Q107 (which is as awesome as a radio show could be); looks like I'll listen to George live and stream Steven later in the week. Deets here.

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