Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Oh, that's bad.

Flipping around the radio dial on my way home tonight, I happened upon HTZ-FM (97.7, from St. Catharines; they're alright sometimes). Seems as if they like playing songs from the new Our Lady Peace album.

I did not know Our Lady Peace had a new album.

Turns out, they do.

In case you haven't heard it yet — or, heard the first single from it, cringe-inducingly-titled* "All You Did Was Save My Life" — imagine this:
  • Raine Maida's, ahem, "unique" voice
  • even-more-emo lyrics
  • suburban-emo-pop vocal harmonies and guitar "licks"
It truly is a marriage made in hell, this fusing of Raine's voice and the sort of music you get from bands like Fall Out Boy. Can you imagine that? Raine Maida fronting Fall Out Boy? If you can't, get Our Lady Peace's new album. It's ear-stabblingly good.
* My old CFRC co-host and I used to look at new CDs we'd never heard before and, solely based on the band's name, the album's name and the track names, we'd guess what the music sounded like. Nine times out of ten, we were bang-on.

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