Thursday, November 12, 2009

Fun with rental-car companies.

The fourth annual "JTL Florida March Break Baseballfest Bonanza" needs a sweet set of wheels to hopscotch around the Sunshine State, so I decided to call up a rental car company which shall remain nameless (but I will tell you that their colours are the same as a bumblebee's).

Me: "Yeah, so, I was wondering if there's an extra charge to drop off a car at a different airport than I pick it up at."

Agent: "Well, there is no charge for an inter-city rental, but there is a charge for a one-way rental."

Me: (don't really catch the gist the true idiocy of what she said and proceed to give details about the days and cities I require for said rental)

Agent: (quotes me an astronomically-high price)

Me: "Whoa, that's really high. I thought there was no extra charge for an inter-city rental."

Agent: "That's correct, sir. But there is a charge for a one-way rental."

Me: "But, aren't inter-city rentals, by definition, one-way rentals?"

Agent: "That is correct, sir."

Me: (struck speechless by the stupidity on the other end of the phone)

In conclusion, the show "Community" is really, really funny.

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