Thursday, October 08, 2009

Another shameless plug.

Have 20 minutes to spare on Saturday night? Want to hear some kooky/fun/odd music? C'mon out to Everyone's a DJ at Disgraceland (Bloor, just west of Ossington), won't you? I'll be on from midnight to 12:20 am, and will likely be drinking both before and after that. The focus this time will be "fun music," and I can't guarantee that I won't play "Tits On The Radio" by Scissor Sisters, because that song is friggin' awesome.

Also, Matt (the guy who runs EaDJ) has suggested to me that I'm capable of DJing an entire night at a bar somewhere here in this fair burgh. He says it's about four hours, top to bottom... which, at this point in my DJing life, having played only little 20-minute sets in front of people (alright, once I had to do 30 minutes), that seems a little daunting. It'd probably end up going really quickly, though, right?

Anyway, stay tuned.

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