Tuesday, September 29, 2009

From the Adorable File.

My niece started junior kindergarten last week. Here she is with her neighbour, who is in senior kindergarten and goes to the same school (and yeah, the little one is older):

Cute as a button! Loves school, too.

Some of her observations:
  • There are rules at school, but not everyone follows them.
  • One of the rules is, no running. (We all think she'll have a problem with that one... her Tigger-like bounciness might get in the way. But, she can also spend hours on the Etch-a-Sketch.)
  • Not all the kids want to learn.
  • She wonders what she'll be like when she gets big.
  • She wants to be a teacher like Uncle JTL.
Just think, ladies*... hook up with a feller like me, and you have a not-so-terrible shot at having one of these darling little creatures of your very own!
* no fat chicks

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Duder said...

LOL. What does the little one have behind her? A suitcase?? How much homework are you guys giving kids these days?