Monday, September 21, 2009

Czars, interchangeable terminology, and overwhelming stupidity.

You may have heard that there was a big right-wing gathering in Washington, DC recently. Here's the ugly proof.

I tell ya, left-wing protests are always so much more fun. Hotter chicks (read: chicks under 60), far fewer stupid-sounding southern accents, fewer annoying "U-S-A! U-S-A!" chants, and people who actually know things.

Hat-tip: The Airing of Grievances


Eve said...

I will say here what I mentioned a short time ago: when my German cousins visited the US last week, some guy told them, "we saved your asses in WW2!"

I don't think anything more needs to be said. That is just painful. PAINFUL. And this was Minnesota! I could understand a complete lack of history knowledge in a place like Kansas where they get textbooks out of Christian Crackerjack boxes, but Minnesota?

Every reasonably intelligent dead person who ever lived is rolling in his or her grave right now.

Coleman said...

I should start by saying hello, I've been enjoying the blog--although I'm sure I will even more once I figure out why or whence I bookmarked it.

I do have what I hope you will take as a friendly criticism (and a mild one at that, considering you're a Far North American).

The "southern accent" crack: not helpful. I know what you mean, especially being somewhat non-accented myself (Michigan). And I suppose there are more right-wing southern accents than left-wing ones...and yet they are found in both places. And there are just plenty of right-wingers with no accents (I'm sure you've listened to radio talk shows in Michigan at some point?)

There's nothing that turns off a left-leaning Southerner quicker than the Southern = uneducated right-wing moron thing. Especially the ones that are also hot chicks. Not that in my past I've had my head bitten off by one of the aforementioned for this very same thing, or anything like that...

I'm guessing politically I'm on the same page as you; so like I said, I hope you take it in the friendly advice manner in which it is meant.

DJ Diva The Mixtress said...

Thanks for coming by my site. I'm glad you enjoyed the mixtape

back to this post...these people are just angry and trying to find someone to blame their anger on. So many of the signs and rhetoric made no sense...i don't even think they know what they are angry about *smh* sad for smart Americans...

JTL said...

Thanks for the observation, Coleman. I agree, the stereotype of being dumb if you have a southeastern-American accent is pretty low-hanging fruit, comedically speaking... and yet, the Cletus the Slack-Jawed Yokel character seems to make a lot of comedy hay with it.

Another example is the Long Island accent: if you hear someone speaking that way, it's easy to dismiss them as, say, someone who enjoys driving an early-'80s Camaro entirely too much. But, if you listen to the Feynman Lectures, there's a Nobel Prize-winning physicist with just such a vocal affectation, so it makes you refocus your ideas about Long Islanders.

But, the stereotype of Canadians saying "Eh?" seems to have held pretty securely south of the 49th. We do say it on occasion, and I do realize it's a gentle northward ribbing and all, but... well, you guys say it too, sometimes, eh?

Finally... I grew up right beside Michigan, and holy FUCK do you guys have an accent. (Curiously, Mort Crim did not.)

allison marie said...

Now I don't feel as bad about reading your blog without saying anything, as you commented on mine first. :)