Saturday, August 01, 2009

Breaking Gubernatorial News.

I know nobody reads blogs during the summer — less so on a long holiday weekend — but maybe you're at the cottage and you have one of your iSmartPhoneBerrys or something strapped to your hip at all times because you're a gigantic d-bag like most people are these days, suckling at the electronic teat 24 hours a day, unable to put the goddamn thing away for a simple meal at a restaurant on the Danforth while I read my George Plimpton book and wait for my scrambled eggs.

But, Sarah and Todd Palin might just be getting a divorce.

In conversation with ECB (who initially told me about this story), we concluded that this can't be the only reason Palin resigned the governorship. There's this, of course, and the multi-million book deal, and the fact that David Letterman made a joke about one of her daughters that she took the wrong way... but that can't be it. There has to be something more, something really juicy — ECB suggested that maybe she'd had an affair with an intern (the National Enquirer suggests both Sarah and Todd each had affairs).

Oooooooh, I got it! Maybe one of her kids (Tripp, or Trigg, or Stick, or Splork or something) is actually not Todd's! Maybe that's the scandal a-brewin'. Stay tuned.

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Eve said...

They've been under the spotlight for like a billion years now, and their entire family has been scrutinized and made fun of and generally poked at with metaphorical sticks. They've also got a baby that's in serious need all the time, which can strain the relationship of normal parents. I'm pretty sure it's just stress.