Thursday, July 09, 2009

Driving, driving and more driving.

I'm currently in Minot, North Dakota, after 14 hours of driving.

Yeah, fourteen.

The last hour was spent driving westward from the Geographical Centre of North America (in a town called Rugby), with tornado warnings on the radio and some of the most ridiculous-looking lightning I've ever seen blasting across the sky. What you may not know about me is that, ever since childhood, I have been absolutely terrified of tornados... so, after thirteen hours' worth of blacktop today, I didn't need the last one to be spent hurtling across the prairie at eighty-five miles per hour, watching the miles to Minot tick down to zero and hoping I'd get there before the storms did. (I did.)

Yesterday in Milwaukee was actually pretty cool — as was my extended stay in Chicago. One thing I can say without reservation is that Americans, while they may be easily misled by a nefarious government, and while they may be crazily religious on average, and while they have a dangerously skewed view of the rest of the world (which they have been repeatedly told is inferior and doesn't matter anyway)... they sure are friendly folks.

Also, if you ever find yourself going to a Brewers game, bring a charcoal grill, sausages, your lawn chairs and a cooler with you to the parking lot: they tailgate before games, up to three hours before the first pitch. If you don't, you'll look dangerously out of place.

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