Friday, June 19, 2009

This is bigger than I thought.

I'm still sorting through the logistics of driving solo to Calgary, and... wow.

That's a long way.

Ten years ago, I lived in Calgary and took four fairly-long days to drive out there, and took three ridiculously-long ones to come back. I had a travelling companion each time (on the way out, a random fellow student who needed a ride; on the way back, a childhood friend of my dad's who wanted to visit family and friends in Ontario).

I'm no fan of doing the straight-through, drive-in-shifts thing — I did that on a trip to Florida once, for a wedding a few years ago, but only because time was tight. Besides, I'm going out solo and bringing back the one-and-only (thank goodness) Hubert, and if I spent that many consecutive hours in a car with him, only one of us is coming back alive, and it sure as hell is going to be me.

Two straight 13-hour solo driving days... can it be done? I've done 14 hours in one day before (Chattanooga to Toronto), but that was (a.) with two awesomely-fun other people, one of whom was frequent site-contributor and full-time blogger ECB, and broken up by (b.) an impromptu wine-tasting in Kentucky, (c.) a giant-Jesus sighting just north of Cincinnati, and (d.) one of the absolute craziest thunderstorms I've ever seen, let alone tried to drive through, just south of Toledo.

Does anyone out there have stories of marathon drives? Comment and share, and maybe I'll consider flying instead.

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