Saturday, June 06, 2009

Routers, trips and exams.

1. Routers

I resent the fact that there's a big warning sticker on the sleeve containing the CD that came with my new wireless router saying "RUN THIS BEFORE YOU PLUG ANYTHING IN OR YOU WILL DIE" (I'm paraphrasing). There's this program that shows you animated little pictures about how to plug this into that, in what order, and as far as I can tell, that's it.

But the main thing that chaps my ass is that this idiotic how-to program only runs in Windows. That means I gotta boot up in Windows, which makes me a pretty unhappy camper. Vista is all clunky, it's a hog, and every time I start it up it wants to install a bajillion megs' worth of updates. (I install them, of course, because Microsoft's stuff has a history of security holes big enough to drive a combine through, and if my ass is sitting out there on the Inter Nets with old spyware lists, I'm bound to get cornholed.)

For anyone out there who's installed a bunch of wireless routers... I can just plug them in and not "install" them, right? I can just configure them through a web browser, like every other router I've seen, yes?

2. Trips

Yes, I get two months off. And yes, I earn every goddamn second of that vacation.

To that end, my big adventure will involve driving out to Calgary, picking up the one-and-only (thank goodness) Matt, and hauling him back to the land of McGuinty and smog. Along the way I'll stop off in Chicago for a few days and partially return the houseguest-favour (thanks, sweetcakes!), and catch games at Wrigley (hopefully), Miller Park in Milwaukee, and perhaps a semi-pro game in the one, the only, heart-of-baseball-in-America... Duluth, Minnesota. Then it's two long days, truckin' it out to Calgary: one to Moose Jaw, another to Cowtown.

By the time I get to Calgary, the Stampede will be wrapping up. When I lived out there ten years ago, I went to as many Stampede Breakfasts as I could, and did end up hitting the Stampede for a day... I'm not really a fan of fairs, and this was just a big one with a western motif. Good to say you've gone to it once in your life, I guess. (By the way, tickets for rodeos and the chuckwagon races are nearly impossible to get.)

On the way back I'll hit my ninth Canadian province: Manitoba. Newfoundland, I'm coming for you soon! (And I'm bringing my liver with me.)

3. Exams

Five more teaching days, then we're into finals. I am so stoked about this, you don't even know.

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Duder said...

Vista enrages me.